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The Man Trust - 04-01

The Man Trust - 04-01

The Man Trust - 04-01

The Lady Intense - Final 04

marcoserussi harmony men

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Marco Serussi Harmony Emotion

MS Harmony Emotion is the fine line between her serious firm attitude and her dazzling beauty that shines when she opens her eyes to showcase her outside beauty.

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Marco Serussi The Man Trust

He is a true, reliable and responsible MAN , he is trustworthy, he knows that the most important thing he can do is to keep his promise. He is not afraid to fall in love deeply because he can be up to her expectations and trust.

the man intense

Marco Serussi The Man Intense
He is the real representation of manhood, he has a positive energy that makes the others feel stronger around him.


Marco Serussi Women
Marco Serussi Women is a sensual and timeless fragrance that connects the power of her emotions with her inner strength.


Marco Serussi White
MS White is a live representation of purity in life. A refreshing scent that can lure any woman in an innocent way!


MS Harmony Men
MS Harmony Men is an elegant harmony between his masculinity and gentleness carrying his charm with his deep vision.

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Marco Serussi Harmony Intense

MS Harmony Intense is for steady, powerful and sophisticated men that can carry their delicate and gentle attitude proudly to balance and harmonize their lifestyle.

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Marco Serussi The Lady Intense

Marco Serussi The Lady Intense perfume is an innovative edition that is created for all ladies who can challenge the world and set their roles.


Marco Serussi The Lady
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.She comes back stronger…


Marco Serussi The Man
He is from the super hero days, he carries real values to humanity and treasure life, he stands between the confirmed maturity


Marco Serussi Blue
A true personalization of freedom, MS Blue captures the deep blue sea color and the gorgeous soft breezy wind scent.


MS Harmony Women
MS Harmony Women is a magnificent harmony between her femininity and sensuality carrying her floral heart with her bright smartness.
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About Marco Serussi


Marco Serussi is a French fashion brand that is dedicated for men and specialized in developing high end fashion quality with variety of choices. The brand launched the perfumery side in the late 1990s by launching one perfume “MS Homme” the first male fragrance that reflected the brand spirit and surprisingly the same met a huge success among the French male community and the loving wives.
In 2011 Marco Serussi decided to expand the perfumery side of the brand to make sure that it can commit to its mission and values “Best Quality with Variety of Choices”, thus the distribution network was extended to worldwide and the variety of perfume choices were also increased to meet and cater to everyone. Despite the fact that the brand is mainly for men, Marco Serussi perfumes didn’t neglect the women and devoted some perfumes for ladies as a token of appreciation to all women in the world.