Marco Serussi Harmony Extreme is a magnificent harmony between beauty and sensuality carrying his woody oriental heart with her bright smartness. HARMONY EXTREME Marco Serussi “The Lady Intense” perfume is an innovative edition that is created for all ladies who can challenge you and set their roles. THE LADY INTENSE Marco Serussi builds on the previous success of “The Man Collection” and adds up an intense version, an innovative perfume that is rich of his manhood mixed up with his boyhood. The MAN intense Marco Serussi The Lady is for women who understand that the beauty of a women is not in a facial mole, but true beauty in a women is reflected in her soul, it is the caring she gives away, it is her power that drives her up every day. The lady Marco Serussi unveils it’s vision of the true man to the world by launching it’s unique and powerful masculine fragrance, “The Man’. The MAN Marco Serussi extends “The Man” collection and adds up a novel fresh blue version called “The Man Trust” a new scent that will dazzle her and confirm his masculinity. The MAN TRUST MS Harmony Intense is for steady, powerful and sophisticated men that can carry their delicate and gentle attitude proudly to balance and harmonize their lifestyle. HARMONY INTENSE MS Harmony Emotion is the fine line between her serious firm attitude and her dazzling beauty that shines when she opens her eyes to showcase her outside beauty which is merged with her inner peaceful beauty to formalize a true harmonization. HARMONY EMOTION Marco Serussi The Lady Intense Hair Mist is an aromatic scented mist
which contains active ingredients that moisturize and soften your hair
to leave a shiny and fragrant impact
The Lady intense Hair mist
The MAN TRUST Body Perfume Marco Serussi The Man Trust Body Perfume allows you to touch and feel the real sensation of well-being and keep your body scented with the fresh and long lasting fragrance.

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About us

Marco Serussi is a French fashion brand that is dedicated for men and specialized in developing high end fashion quality with variety of choices. The brand launched the perfumery side in the late 1990s by launching one perfume "MS Homme" the first male fragrance that reflected the brand spirit and surprisingly the same met a huge success among the French male community and the loving wives. In 2011 Marco Serussi decided to expand the perfume side of the brand to make sure that it can commit to its mission and values "Best Quality with Variety of Choices", thus the distribution network was extended to worldwide and the variety of perfume choices were also increased to meet and cater to everyone. Despite the fact that the brand is mainly for men, Marco Serussi perfumes didn't neglect the women and devoted some perfumes for ladies as a token of appreciation to all women in the world.